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Iused to work in hospitality, first as part of the operations team in Sales & Marketing and later building hotels and universities around the world. I really loved my job but it required lots of travelling and a fair amount of stress.

As I wanted to have a family, I decided to slow down and so I quit. But I am far too energetic to stay quiet, so as I always loved writing, I started a blog that quickly became an online magazine: Dubai Fashion News, where I write and edit every single article you see. I love experimenting, and I love podcasts, so I started one linked to DFN.

As I child, I wanted to be part of the Rainbow Warrior and fight alongside Greenpeace.

Although my family had other plans as you can imagine. Still I was raised and grew with a green heart. With time, I realized that my own fashion choices were having also an impact. I joined Fashion Revolution and later Remake as ambassador to keep on learning and educating myself. Another thing about me is  that I am an obsessive learner.

Living in the Middle East finding sustainable fashion is tricky to say the least. Dubai boasts an amazing retail space full of luxury and fast fashion brands that master the art of selling what you don’t need.

So, out of my own need, I saw the niche in the market and decided to create that space where another fashion is possible. A more sustainable and respectful one. goshopia.com launched the first day of Fashion Revolution 2019. We wanted it to be that day as it was our little homage to the victims of the Rana Plaza collapse.

The name is coming from Go + Shop + Utopia. It is still a Utopia to be able to shop and don’t harm the environment or the people while doing it, but we can minimise the impact, enrich the people’s lives and create meaningful connections.

As the threads in a loom, we are all interconnected and intertwined.

Goshopia is a new step for me but it is not the only one. I want to invite you to listen to my new podcast: “The Conscious Fashion” about sustainable fashion and lifestyle, about sustainable business and about how to live and feel well in your own skin.

I have a little taster for you that you can listen right now →

Also as part of my experimenting, I am starting a Youtube Channel. As you are here, pop by to say Hi and subscribe. It will mean a lot to me!

As you can see, I love talking and I am not camera shy. That might be the reason why I always get to be the spokesperson in my previous jobs, even doing translations from Prime Ministers (I will tell you more about that in another chapter). That is why, I guess, the speaker part came easy to me and I love doing it and delivering value by sharing stories. I have done masterclasses for university students, entrepreneurs and events of different kinds. I have been honoured too to be judge of sustainable fashion competitions too.

I can talk about sustainable fashion and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I love sharing my tips and tricks on how to live a more conscious and happy life, respecting nature and feeling aligned with the Universe. Yep! I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. I can talk about how positive thinking changes our energy and can impact your life.

Other of my repeatedly requested topics is about how to write for digital media, SEO, podcasting and how to be an expat – as I am a serial expat myself.

I speak fluently English and Spanish. If you think I might be a good fit for your event, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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